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Aquatic Homes

our home designs

At Aquatic Homes on the Sunshine Coast, we design and build quality homes specifically to suit the Sunshine Coast lifestyle.

We custom design every home to suite your individual requirements and land - at no extra cost to you.

Below is a selection of some of our home designs for you to choose from.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something unique or have a challenging block of land, we can design a home to suit your individual needs.

sand dunes
sand dunes 189sqm
from $226,800
sunrise beach
sunrise beach 200sqm
from $240,000
shelly beach
shelly beach 217sqm
from $260,400
water lily
water lily 227sqm
from $272,400
the beach house
the beach house 230sqm
from $276,000
frangipani 242sqm
from $290,400
Horizons 247sqm
from $296,400
pandanus 249sqm
from $298,800
seaside 253sqm
from $303,600
sea breeze
sea breeze 254sqm
from $304,800
driftwood 254sqm
from $304,800
nautilus 359sqm
from $430,800