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Aquatic FAQ

frequently asked questions

How do you differ from other builders?

  • Our custom design service is complimentary so it costs no more to have your own individual plan specially designed to capture the best aspects of your block of land. 
  • Our executive team is personally involved with every project from your first meeting to completion.
  • We are empathetic towards our clients’ circumstances and ideas. We understand everyone has different budgets and needs.
  • We offer a complimentary interior design service with every project.
  • We don't charge expensive fees every time you make a change.
  • We can build both your house and pool, streamlining the process and making things much simpler for you.
  • We focus on quality control and efficient build times.

How much per m
2 do you build for?

There is no standard per metre cost to build. It all depends on a number of factors including your block requirements, building materials, selected inclusions etc. To enable us to answer this question accurately we will require further information.

Can you build on a sloping block?

We specialise in sloping blocks.

How long does it take from conception to completion?

14-18 weeks, depending on weather and your inclusions.

What is the standard draw-down for payment?

Deposit  5%
Base 10%
Frame 15%
Enclosed 35%
Fixing   20%
Practical Completion 15%

What is the warranty?

Our warranty is in line with the BSA legislation.
Six (6) month warranty on minor defects  eg. door handles not working.
Six and a half (6½) year structural warranty eg. footing falling.

Can you build within my budget?

Every home we build is designed to suit our clients’ lifestyles and budgets. Once we know your final budget, we can work with you to optimise your inclusions and functional requirements.

When do we need to complete all of our selections?

We complete all of your selections prior to starting construction. This enables a smooth build and avoids any delays, misunderstandings or pressured situations.

Is Aquatic Homes a buoyant, financially sustainable business?

It is a great concern to choose a company that can not only complete your most expensive investment, but also remain financially independent for the following 6½ years for the structural warranty. Established in 2002, Aquatic Homes is a buoyant, financially stable company with a solid industry reputation. We are long standing members of the HIA.

Do you have a selection of plans?

We do have a range of designs. We can also add your personal touches and requirements to make it unique. Alternatively we can design an original home for you or work with your own plans.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to talk to us.